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How To Make Money In An Economic Collapse

How To Make Money In An Economic Collapse

Okay, before we get started, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: in an economic collapse, money may be worthless, or pretty close to it. Currency, as we know it, may become so devalued that cash itself is nearly useless. But that’s not necessarily true. And even if it is severely devalued, it probably won’t be completely useless–at least not forever.

But at some point after an economic collapse, you’re probably going to need to earn some money OR trade labor in exchange for something you need like food or shelter.

Let’s take a look at some ways to earn money during an economic collapse:

  • Use your skills. If you don’t have any skills you can use, start learning some now! Skills such as medical training, sewing, knitting, crafting, and carpentry are likely to be extremely valuable during such times. Trading services that are high in demand is one of the best ways to make money. Don’t wait until you need them to start learning these skills!
  • Raise things you can sell. Eggs and dairy will likely be in high demand during a collapse. Fur and wool from animals like rabbits and sheep will be valuable for making clothing. You probably won’t need to raise fruits or vegetables for anything other than your own use, because most people can easily grow standard garden vegetables, but the average person won’t have livestock.
  • Make things you can sell. If you have the skill to make things that will be in demand, you can make a lot of money in tough financial times. Things like clothes, shoes, blankets, tools, other such items will be valuable, and may be difficult to locate in stores for a while. If you are raising livestock, you can also make things like cheese and butter to sell.
  • Sell firewood and lumber. If you have a lot of wooded acreage, lumber and firewood could make you a lot of money, especially in the winter, but even in the summer, many people will need wood for cooking if they lose electricity.
  • Gather things. If you don’t have any land of your own, you can gather things on public lands to sell, such as nuts, berries, fish, wild edibles, medicinal herbs, etc. Keep in mind that taking things from public lands in the U.S. is technically forbidden, but in difficult economic times, it may be easier to get away with. Hunting, fishing, clam digging, trapping, and foraging will help you survive and give you valuable things to sell or trade.
  • Rent out rooms or land. If you have extra rooms in your home, space in your barn, or land you can rent to people on which to garden, you can earn extra money. Many people will lose their homes in an economic collapse, and they will need somewhere to go. You could even include meals as a way to attract boarders.


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