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Walmart ShippingPass vs. Amazon Prime

Walmart ShippingPass vs. Amazon Prime

If you need to buy things in bulk, you may be considering a shipping membership that will let you order prepping essentials without spending a fortune on shipping. Given the weight of most prepping needs, shipping could end up costing more than the items you order! Shipping memberships let you order what you need without spending much, if anything, on shipping.

There are two major companies that offer shipping memberships: Amazon and Walmart. The one you choose should be based on your individual needs, because each membership is quite different.

Let’s take a look at both memberships, and the costs and features associated with each.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the more expensive of the two, but there’s a monthly payment option if you don’t want to shell out the full yearly fee of $99. The monthly fee is $10.99, but you can save $32.88 per year if you choose the $99 yearly fee.

Amazon Prime has a lot more features than just free 2-day shipping. They have books, movies, TV shows, music and tons more than you can access for free with your membership.

Walmart ShippingPass

ShippingPass is much more affordable at only $49 per year. It’s half the price of Amazon Prime, but there are no benefits other than free shipping. You get no books, movies, TV shows, music, or anything else.

If you’re just looking for free 2-day shipping to order things for survival or prepping, ShippingPass is definitely more affordable, but the biggest drawback is that Walmart doesn’t have nearly as wide a selection as Amazon. They have food, clothes, some camping equipment, and a few types of survival food, but they just don’t have anywhere near the level of items that Amazon does.

Of course, a lot of the additional items that Amazon has are sold by individual sellers, thus they don’t qualify for Prime shipping anyway.

The Bottom Line

So which one is best? Personally, we chose Amazon Prime because of the much wider selection. We don’t use the other features often, but we do occasionally watch movies or TV shows with our membership. For us, the massive selection was really a no-brainer.

That said, my father actually chose ShippingPass because of Walmart’s low prices. He mostly uses it for buying food, because he doesn’t have transportation and lives a long way from the nearest grocery store. For him, ShippingPass has been a godsend, because it’s the only way he can reliably get groceries where he lives.

So it really depends on what you want to use your membership for. If you’re just looking to order the basics, ShippingPass will probably save you money. If you want the wider selection of things like survival gear and equipment, Amazon Prime is probably your best bet.

Fortunately, both services have free trials, so you can give both a shot and see which one you prefer.


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